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A non-canonical text based role-play set in the world and fiction of Bleach.
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Bleach Lasting Bonds is now open for Role Play, so do join the forum, create a character and have some fun!!! Please do real the plot, as it is of vital importance when deciding which race to join and most of all your placement in the plot line.
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 Segunda Etapa

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PostSubject: Segunda Etapa   Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:20 am

    R E S U R R E C C I O N : S E G U N D A - E T A P A

    Spanish for "Resurrection: Second Stage;" Japanese for "Sword's Release: Second Level." For the existence of Segunda Etapa, this release is unknown to any being who is outside the circle of the Espada. It is a very well kept secret and a last resort for those Arrancars who have obtained its power. Its potential is higher than that of a Bankai, depending on the person using it. Though with a great divinity boost, there is a great sacrifice.

    Introduction + Requirements
    This form for the regular Resureccion is an ability upgrade, yet unique to itself as it is granting another form and approach of a boost from the previous one with this new one. Unlike the usual ability upgrades here, this upgrade grants the user a new Resureccion that is meant to be stronger than the previous. This type of upgrades are only available by the canon abilities the Bleach Manga & Anime Tite Kubo entitles on ownership presents for the Bleach Retribution community. Let’s have a brief summary of the second stage: The Arrancar increases their abilities and are reverted back into a MORE HOLLOW form of their former selves. We will discuss its power usage, the technique function and costs, and the anew “Countdown” system it will use. Okay, moving on!
    Requiring Obtainment
    [' As many of the Arrancars have known, this stage will be difficult to obtain for them. Here is the list of the missions for Arrancars on what they can do to obtain this form. Note that this is going to be troublesome and are required to proceed any further. ']
    LB Rules wrote:
  • Technique Obtainment: The user is required to buy Cero Oscuras or Negacion in order to unlock the ability to make new techniques.
  • Segunda Etapa level techniques cost 175 Soul Points.
  • Arrancars must complete a total of 15 Missions from BR or Characters in-game to buy Segunda Etapa.
  • The cost of Segunda Etapa is 1000 Soul Points for Espada level characters, 1250 for Privion level characters, 550 for Fraccion level characters, and 1500 for Numero level characters.
  • Application Regulations
    LB Rules wrote:
  • The topic title should be of your previous Resureccion.
  • Resureccion: Segunda Etapa: Is where you place the description of the new appearance.
  • Gain only 1 new Special Ability that must relate to your Resureccion's or Innate's power.
  • Gain only 1 new Technique to work with in Segunda Etapa.

  • Power Usage
    Espada Level Only:

    Privion to Numero Levels Only:
    Please remember you are reverted back to more of a Hollow creature appearance than human.

    LB Rules wrote:
  • Gran Rey Cero will now deal triple damage and ignores collision-based defenses. (3 GRCs in 1 / Cannot be cancelled).
  • Cero Oscuras is able to ignore reduction.(Meaning defenses that reduce Reiatsu skills will have no affect on it.)
  • Cero is faster in this stage. (70MPH)
  • Segunda Etapa grants the user to use Sonido 5 more times from what they have limited. Cooldown increases by 1.

  • Counter Meter Function
    The new system which makes Etapa more fun and balanced. Each time you use a certain skill or technique, that action consumes reiatsu in the post, you subtract it from your Counter Meter. So "xxx" amount of reiatsu skills / techniques in post 1 was say, 3. You subtract 3 from 'xxx' amount from your Counter Meter and you're left with 'xxx' amount. You have 'xxx' Counters left before you go back to Sealed form. Please note that this system was created since Etapa is more powerful than Bankai. Here are the starting numbers for your Counter Meter based on level. You may gain more counters per 1 mission completed and paying 75 Soul Points per 1 Counter Slot.
    Counter Meter Starting Slots
    • Espada Level - 20 counters to work in the Counter Meter.
    • Privion Level - 15 coutners to work in the Counter Meter.
    • Fraccion Level - 10 counters to work in the Counter Meter.
    • Numero Level - 5 counters to work in the Counter Meter.

    Your counter slots are not used up by being in Segunda Etapa form, and you may not revert back to your Resureccion or Seal your powers to their original state until all your counters are used up. Once you used up all your counter slots in your Counter Meter, you can no longer perform Reiatsu-based skills such as Sonido, Cero, Bala, etc; just enough to slowly stumbly walk or rest without dying.
    Basic Slot Costs
    • Cero - Takes up 1 Counter Slot.
    • Sonido - Takes up 1 Counter Slot per use.
    • Bala - Takes up 1 Counter Slot per 4.
    • Custom Ceros - Takes up 2 Counter Slots.
    • Grand Rey Cero - Takes up 2 Counter Slots.
    • Cero Oscuras - Takes up 2 Counter slots.

    All Segunda Etapa level techniques use up a portion of your counter slots from your meter.
    #.1 [Segunda Etapa]
    Name - ’ Insert Name Translation Here ‘
    [‘ Insert Technique description/effects here. ‘]
    Slot Consumption: {Out of 'xxx', how many Counter Slots do you use up? Note that these are not noticeable to the opponents or yourself.}
    Post Durations:
    Post Durations: On/Off (May only create one at a time.)
    Cooldown: 2 Posts in order to “set off” again.

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Posts : 183
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PostSubject: Re: Segunda Etapa   Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:21 am

R E S U R E C C I O N : S E G U N D A - E T A P A

Class-Type: {Default from Previous.}
Family-Type: {Default from Previous.}

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa:
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa Special Ability:

Counter Meter:
[size=18][center]R E S U R E C C  I O N : S E G U N D A  E T A P A[/center][/size]
[b][u]Class-Type:[/b][/u] {Default from Previous.}
[i][u]Family-Type:[/i][/u] {Default from Previous.}

[b][u]Resurrección: Segunda Etapa[/b][/u]
[i][u]Resurrección: Segunda Etapa Special Ability:[/i][/u]

[b][u]Counter Meter:[/b][/u]
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Segunda Etapa
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