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A non-canonical text based role-play set in the world and fiction of Bleach.
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Bleach Lasting Bonds is now open for Role Play, so do join the forum, create a character and have some fun!!! Please do real the plot, as it is of vital importance when deciding which race to join and most of all your placement in the plot line.
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 Affiliate Rules

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PostSubject: Affiliate Rules   Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:01 am

1. Here at Lasting Bonds, we are very open towards affiliating with other sites to spread information on them, as well as getting people to know more about us. As such, we follow reciprocal affiliating and linking. If you want to put your advertisement on our site and affiliate with us, then you have to put our advertisement and button on your site.

2. Affiliations are mostly free form. Our wish is that you tell us as much about your site as you can shortly and provide us the link to the site itself, as well as maybe some information on what makes the site special.

3. Buttons are an important part of affiliating. They are easy to make and link on the site, also catching the eye easier than just a post. That is why, after approving the affiliate, we'd like to get a button from our affiliates, to post to the sidebar of our site under the "Affiliates" section, where you should also see our button. You can also find our button in the "Our Advertisement" thread. Buttons come in many forms, but they are usually very small pictures. As such, when affiliating with us, please provide a picture and a link to your site in the form of the code provided below.

4. This part of the forum is guest friendly, so please refrain from creating accounts simply to post your site's advert.

<a href="INSERT SITE LINK HERE" target="_blank"><img src="INSERT BUTTON IMAGE HERE"  title="INSERT SITE NAME HERE"/></a>

5. That is all there is to affiliating on Bleach Lasting Bonds. Easy, isn't it? We hope to see you in the future and spend many fun times in terms of RP.

6. If, for some reason, your affiliation isn't alright with the staff of this site, it will be frozen, moved to the basket or maybe even deleted. In all cases like these, we will attempt to inform the user who made the affiliation about the reasons behind of this decision.

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Affiliate Rules
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