Bleach: Lasting Bonds

A non-canonical text based role-play set in the world and fiction of Bleach.
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Bleach Lasting Bonds is now open for Role Play, so do join the forum, create a character and have some fun!!! Please do real the plot, as it is of vital importance when deciding which race to join and most of all your placement in the plot line.
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 Fullbringer Shunko Variant

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PostSubject: Fullbringer Shunko Variant   Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:19 am

    Human Might
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S & R U L E S

    R U L E S

    All members wishing to obtain Human Might must meet our requirements stated below, once our requirements are met you MUST post in your power application requesting to buy Helping Hand. An admin will make the transaction, deducting your points
    LB Rules wrote:
  • Please, treat this as a technique within your Fullbring application and you may not have more then one. Thank you.
  • Note that sometimes this will be nerfed/revamped to keep balance from time to time in the future.
  • All Human Might cannot be Copied.
  • For the duration of the technique, you gain all level three's, but they are not permanent.
  • Once the technique is over, you once again have to get helping hand from a human.
  • Humans who give out this power, have 10 posts of Incomplete, before they recover, please note this.
  • Each human can not give out more than 1 Helping Hand at a time
  • Each human can not receive more than 1 Helping Hand at a time.

  • R E Q U I R E M E N T S & P R I C E S

  • Must be level 3 in HTH
  • Must be level 3 in Fullbring
  • [Custom] Human Might / 1,000 Soul Points

    -Cooldown is default by 6, 8 for Complete Strength
    -Enjoy customizing everything to your benefits.

    * 1. [Incomplete/Complete] - [Custom]
    Helping Hand - 'Human Might'
    Class: Reiatsu, Instant
    ' [Insert technique effect here] '
    Post Durations:
    Cooldown: 6

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Fullbringer Shunko Variant
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