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Bleach Lasting Bonds is now open for Role Play, so do join the forum, create a character and have some fun!!! Please do real the plot, as it is of vital importance when deciding which race to join and most of all your placement in the plot line.
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 The Bounto Race Information

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PostSubject: The Bounto Race Information   Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:02 am

The Bounto Race

The Spiritual Vampires

The Bounts (バウント, Baunto) are a group of Humans that live by consuming Human souls (Pluses), as well as Shinigami and Quincy souls which potentially increases their abilities.

Bounts are living beings similar to the Quincy, the difference being they have a special component that is encompassed by a Human soul. Bounts have the unique ability to absorb Human souls, making them their own. It is as a result of this ability, that have named Bounts at various times in Human history as "vampires". As the accidental creations of a Shinigami scientist, they were once affiliated with Soul Society. Currently the Bounts in general are only a small tribe of beings from what they once were. Due to their circumstance they are neither affiliated with Soul Society nor the living world, they are pariahs, accepted in neither dimension.The natural abilities they possess due to their unique creation differentiate them from normal Humans and even Quincy.

The Bounts were created centuries ago as the accidental result of an explosion during an experiment by the predecessor to the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. The experiment was an attempt to develop eternal life using the already slow-aging Shinigami souls as the base, but the materials used in the experiment crossed with the development of souls in the real world and led to the creation of a new spiritually-active Human race, the Bounts. The Bount souls were scattered about the world, giving rise to a new race that never aged after reaching their twenties or thirties. They were generally treated as outcasts due to the fact that they did not age.

The Bounts over the last millennia have been on the rise, taking to the Valley of Screams and seizing it as their own realm and base from which they operate. As war broke out among the known realms, and each plain was brought to an almost apocalyptic state, the Bounts began building their own empire. Over time the Bounto race rose up from being just a small group to being in the thousands. The Valley of Screams now changed by the spiritual wars, saw an increase in even more lost souls. The plus souls unable to pass into the Soul Society, ended up in the Valley of Screams as Blanks. The Blanks would become a new source to aide in sustaining the spiritual make up of the Bounts, like Hollows feeding on other Souls.

The Valley of Screams changed and their empire grew into something just as formidable as the Gotei 13 or the Arrancar organization. Fascinatingly enough, the Bounts were the ones least affected by the Great War, in fact they would profit from it. Their organization now growing and becoming more prominent, was now a familiar contender among the strongest of them all. The Bounts were now indentified by the name of their growing organization. The Brood (Die Brut).

The Brood- Die Brut

The Brood ‘Die Brut’ as they’re known is an organization consisting of members from the Bounto race. This group of Bounts resides within the Valley of Screams in large numbers. The Bounts have now become a much larger organization, on par with the Arrancar, Quincy and Shinigami in terms of size and numbers. With the near collapse of the realms, The Valley of screams has proven itself to be the safest place to be. The balance of the realms had tipped for the worst during the Great War, causing a higher influx of blanks to appear within the Valley of Screams. This has provided the Brood with a vital source of souls, that the Bounts themselves feed on in order to sustain their souls. The Brood are as mysterious as they are powerful, quite the formidable force. They are well organized, adopting a military style, now boasting mandatory attire, easily recognizable by all the other races. The Brood came about centuries ago, and it has risen to become most formidable. The Brood was created as a safe haven for other Bounts, whom was constantly fleeing from persecution. It is their rage and promise of revenge that fuels them.

The Harbingers- Vorboten

The Brood like all the other organizations and races is lead by their sovereign leader, a person somewhat unknown to the mass of souls. The Brood like the Gotei 13 have their soldiers, and these soldiers are given different ranks. The Brood have what are known as The Harbingers ‘Vorboten’ the ones who play the role of the upper tier warriors. The Harbingers or the Vorboten are most feared purely because of their ethics. They are brutal, and as their name suggest, their presence in another dimension usually means calamity and despair. The Harbingers knows not what it means to feel fear, no retreat or surrender, unless ordered to do so. They’re powerful and efficient warriors.

The Harbingers/Vorboten Ranks:


True Leader: The real leader in charge of the Bounts, his identity is kept a secret to a point nobody knows of his existence but as a councilman with supposedly figurehead-like political power over the Bount. Foreigners may not even know of his true role but as an advisor of sorts.

Leaders: Those who are in charge of the Bounts, they possess strength, power, will, intelligence and ingenuity to be considered the strongest of the strong, being in charge of directing operations to a major scale and making many decisions, some of them diplomatic and others internal.

Inquisitors: The jack-of-all-trades, Inquisitors are the right-hand of the Leaders, doing as what they will and even holding power as well over those who are lower than them. They are almost on par with the leaders in terms of combat effectiveness, but due to that, they are sent on the field and can be seen as 'field leaders' directing the will of their superiors wherever they go. They also are supervisors in a sense, or more accurately; overseers. The Inquisitors are the enforcers of the Bounto organization.

Warlords: They are made for battles, being tough in just about every sense. They'll be the ones to lead troops alongside enforcers in order to bring about the victory of the Bounts. Although they are lower in skills compared to the Enforcers, they are still very capable in their own rights as warriors, and have a massive endurance to be able to withstand through all ordeals of sorts.

Keepers of Knowledge: Being a special rank, keepers of knowledge are exempt from duties of their peers to simply handle 3 fields of sorts, intelligence services, medical support and technological research. Their duties are mostly around the field of knowledge, but their skills can be called upon when need be in battle. (Since this is a special rank, anyone in this are seen as equals and there can be challenge to both ranks at any times since numbers means nothing with them.)

Auxiliary: A group of defensively minded individuals out there to defend anything that has to do with Bounts. They are basically the opposite of warlords, whereas to warlords attack, Auxiliary defend. Another thing to be noted about the Auxiliary class is that they are the highest rank a foreign species in the Ritter ranks can achieve basically. Although some Auxiliary are strong in their own right that they can match up to even an Enforcer, they're ranks are simply that for upstart Bounts and foreigner races.

The Legionnaires- Legionär

The Legionnaires are the lower echelon of The Brood; they play the role of the foot soldiers, though their rank tends to vary according to responsibility. The Legionär are very much like the Fraccion of Las Noches. However, they are given specific tasks at times and even their power and ranking may vary like that of the Harbingers. Legionär are sometimes assigned to Harbingers, but only the strongest and most efficient of the Legionär ever receives this privilege and honor.

Grand Leader:

0.Der Kaiser (The Emperor/True Leader)-- Sacha Van Sneider-The Russian


1. Der König (The King/Vice Leader)--Akane Nakamura

2. Der Grossherzog (The Grand Duke/2nd Legendary)--


3. Der Erzherzog (The ArchDuke/3rd Legendary)--

4. Der Herzog (The Duke/4th Legendary)--


5. Der Fürst (The Prince/5th Legendary)--

6. Der Burggräf (The Burgrave/6th Legendary)--

Keepers of knowledge:

7. Der Gräf (The Count/7th Legendary)--Erika Astrid de Virgilia(The Witch)

8. Der Freiherr (The Baron/8th Legendary)-- Roselyn Rune Fuchs


9. Der Edler Herr (The Lord/9th Legendary)--

10. Der Patrizierhaus (The Patrician/10th Legendary)--

The Valley of Screams:

The Valley of Screams during the Great War many moons ago, was one of the places most affected by the balance being tipped. That, coupled with the decline of souls being purified and sent to the Soul Society, saw an increase in Blanks. The very foundation of the Valley of Screams was shaken, threatening to spill over into the Soul Society. However, there were certain forces at work, coming in the form of the Bounto Race and their magnificent technology. They too like all the other spiritual races were affected by the onslaught from the Hueco Mundo hordes and the Gotei 13. The Quincy and Visoreds were drawn into the war, and other humans too. The Bount unlike the others play a minor role in the war, knowing that their numbers were too few to effectively fight against the Shinigami and Arrancar.

The Bounto would watch from the shadows as the Seireitei and the world of the living was overran, being laid to ruins. Meanwhile, through the use of technology, they were able to stabilize the Valley of Screams, and in doing so, closed of the Valley to all outsiders. Due to the balance being tipped and horribly maintained, the influx of wayward souls continued to pour into the Valley, but the Bounts saw this as a good thing. At the same time, the Valley as a realm began to change, life came into it, but there can be no life without death. There were areas where the flowers bloomed and and trees blossomed, the sparkling waters flowed. And there were areas where death claimed the lands, keeping these parts of the Valley as the wastelands that its known to be. The Valley was also far more richer in Reishi, Blanks and more and more Shinenju, "Shinigami Blanks" as they are now known. The Shinenju would come to serve the Bounto as part of their organization.

The Brood (Die Brut) would build their empire during the times of war, enjoying their own peace of mind in a reclusive state. They appeared tranquil, while building their army and increasing their strength. More and more Bounto came to be, they now had a food source, that wasn't about to dry up any time soon. Over time, The Brood developed an array of new spells, some that would allow them the ability of space manipulation. Through this mean, they were able to travel to different realms, much like the Arrancar's Garagunta and Shinigami's Senkaimon allowed them to. The Valley of Screams is now fully functional, reacting to the influence of the influx of souls. It now experiences seasonal changes, day and night time, different moons and sun. The Bounto empire now continues to grow, while other wither away.

Notable Areas in the Valley of Screams:

The Red Path: The Red Path is a small area, stretching up to 10 kilometres long that is filled with cherry blossom trees. The cherry blossom trees have become legendary due to their blood red petals, which makes them unique to the Valley of screams. Like every other area inside the Valley of screams, the Red Path is made up of an abundance of Reishi particles, much like Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. It is constantly patrolled by Legionnaire Bounto and Shinenju. The Red Path is located five miles away to the east of the Great Valley.

The Great Valley: The Great Valley acts as the capital to the Valley of Screams, rich with blanks, Bounts and Shinenju alike. The Great Valley is manned by the Legionnaire Bounts and Shinenju, acting as the first line of defense. The area is divided into different sectors, filled with buildings and homes, militarized. There are skyscrapers, and a number of towers. The Great Valley is most beautiful, surrounded by a large body pf crystal clear water. The Great Valley was designed to resemble a city, and most fitting for a Capital. The Great Valley is but a mere two miles away from Castle Blanks, where majority of the upper tier Harbingers and privileged Legionnaires reside. The Great Valley is surrounded by a great body of water. It should be said that the Great Valley is rather huge, going on for miles.

Castle Blanks: Castle Blanks is home to the Bounto's military group called The Brood. The castle is rather large, one with several different levels, and at the top of the tower or castle resides the leader of the Bounto race, along with his many soldiers and generals. The castle is heavily guarded by the multitude of soldiers that also lives within this Reishi enriched realm. In order to reach the Castle, you must first past by the white stairs. Castle blanks appear to be suspended in the sky, with only the long path that are the white stairs connected to it.

The Code:

1. Every Bounto must respect the chain of command.

2. Bounto are forbidden from inviting another race into the Valley of Screams.

3. Each and every Bounto must wear the uniform or a modified variations of it no matter their rank.

4. Killing of a fellow Bount without just cause will result in your own death. An eye for an eye.

5. It is forbidden to share information about the Bounto's genetic make up with another race and its secrets.

6. All invasive forces must be eliminated without prejudice.

7. Never bring dishonor to the Bounto race.

The Attire:

Tops: The Bounto have shown themselves to be a prominent organization, one that no longer consists of a random group.

1.The Vorboten and Legionär all sports a dark attire, consisting of a modernized Chinese Mao suit. The Mao suits has the typical black Jacket, some having high collars with tassels hanging from them. (See Baykuya's new Haori with the high collar and tassels for reference). The buttons are the typical Mao Suit frog buttons, always in white. The black Jacket also comes with or without sleeves based on personal taste. There are times when the Jacket becomes a full on overcoat, again based on personal taste.

2. Accessories: The Harbingers are all ranked in a militarized fashion, as such they have stars, stripes, badges etc attached to their clothing, including shoulder cords for good measure. These items are all modified to suit the Bount organization.

Bottoms: The bottom half of the Bounto attire consist of a pair of black trousers and black stylized boots, that are not exactly military style.

Other Style: Some Bounto like to exercise their own personal taste while keeping to the mandatory style of attire too. This ranges from dresses, jackets and the like modified to suit the Bounts taste. For example, the top half of a dress may have the Mao Suit, but the bottom half being exactly like that of your typical dress. Another possible style is having one sleeve long and the other short. All Bounts are expected to abide by the color codes designated for the Bounts.

Note: The pictures below in the spoiler depicts what the Bount attire should look like. However, one can modify it to their own personal taste. The clothing is mandatory and all of its aspects while taking advantage of your creative freedom.



Bounto Transportation

Verzerrung- (German for Distortion) - Verzerrung functions very much like the Shinigami’s Senkaimon and the Arrancar’s Garagunta. Verzerrung is the Bounto’s means of inter dimensional travel, granting them the ability to move from one realm to another, or to different areas inside the Valley of Screams.

Appearance: Verzerrung appears as a large red gate boasting two doors, fifteen feet high and twelve feet wide. On either door are three Valkyries garbed in golden armor, carrying spears and swords riding on white horses. There are also a flock of ravens on the doors of the Verzerrung gate, carefully positioned around the Valkyries. The Valkyries appearance on the gate make it seem as if they’re about to fly out of it, giving it a 3D effect. Once the doors have been opened, the space inside the gate appears as a distorted combination of colors. Inside the Verzerrung space, the path is one so unique that, those whom traverse this space is seen walking on dark still waters.

Incantation/Command: I call forth the choosers of the slain to take me/us home, heed my command and open at once.

Important Note: The Verzerrung cannot be access by mid to lower tier Bounts without proper clearance. However, they can use it to move freely from one location to another inside the Valley of Screams. There are several stations from which the Bounts can access the Verzerrung Gate. These stations are of course inside the Valley of Screams, and are manned by the Legionnaires. The Harbingers/Vorboten are all given a black bangle that they wear around their wrist, which enables them to instantly open the Verzerrung without the need for an incantation/command. This is usually accomplished via them pouring a small amount of Reiatsu into the bangles. The Verzerrung is one such advance means of travel, that it is not restricted to going to the world of the living only. A Bount can use it to open a path to Hueco Mundo or the Soul Society.


  • The Verzerrung can only be opened by the Harbingers.

  • If a Legionnaire requires access to the Verzerrung, then they must gain clearance from their superiors (Harbinger/Vorboten). This of course relates to trips to another realm, such as the world of the living.

  • A Bount may not pass into another realm without just cause and without permission. Disregarding this rule will have its consequences.

  • Inter dimensional rules do apply when traveling from one realm to another.

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  • -Level 1 – Capable of using at most 4 uses at a time before a 4 post recharge rate. At this level you are easily traceable to the naked eye, meaning people can sense where your Dosen is going. But that doesn't make it any less swift. Cost - 300 Experience
  • -Level 2 – Capable of using at most 8 uses at a time before a 4 post recharge rate. A normal LT level Dosen move. Your untraceable to the naked eye, and a blur to any level ones. You are noticeable to any Level 3’s. Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Level 3 – Capable of using at most 12 uses at a time before a 4 post recharge rate. A captain level Dosen mover, untraceable to anyone that isn't level 3, and a blur to level 2. Cost - 700 Experience

  • -DonnerLevel 1 – A move that allows for the a movement of great speed, much higher than Dosen. Leaving behind an afterimage that can appear to take damage or even die. Can use twice a fight. [Strategic, Instant] [Strategic, Instant] Cost - 250 Experience
  • -DonnerLevel 2 – Same as above however this appears to take damage and leave behind a piece of cloth so it feels as though the opponent cut or hit. Even looking as if the move hit. This also increases your Dosen to 14 times a before a 4 post recharge rate. Cae be used 4 times a fight. [Strategic, Instant] Cost - 500 Experience
  • -NachbildLevel 1 – This technique allows the user to create clones, up to 5 afterimage clones. These clones are tangible and last up to two posts. After all five have been used there is a recharge of 7 posts. [Strategic, Instant] Cost - 250 Experience
  • -Nachbild Level 2 – The final stage of Nachbild, allowing the user to leave behind or create up to 15 afterimages clones, these clones are tangible and no amount of sensory can tell them apart from the real deal. They last five posts, once all 15 are used, a 7 post recharge is needed. [Strategic, Instant] Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Blitzleiter – Only obtainable if one has final stages of both Donner, Nachbild and Overload. This is a advance form of everything, increases Dosen count to 16, increases Donner use to 6 times, and increases Nachbild to 18 times. Cost - 1000 Experience

Soul Absorption


  • -Level 1 – A Bount at this level like others of a higher level, will gain an array of abilities by absorbing souls. A Bount can use Kido up to level 33, after absorbing at least 12 Shinigami. They cannot utilize spells that their opponents had no knowledge of. A Bount can also use Cero and Bala after absorbing at least 12 Hollows/Arrancar. (Cero Level to be decided). A bounto can decrease the time it takes to heal injuries by absorbing Humans/Quincy, decreasing it 6-7 posts after 12 humans/quincy. A Spiritual Ki Practitioner Bount can also absorb Reishi particles in order to gain strength or to heal wounds. In the realm of the living where there is less Reishi to manipulate, it will take a Bount at least 10 posts to heal their wounds via Reishi absorption. In other places such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, healing injuries takes less time via Reishi absorption, a minimum of six to seven posts. They are not yet skilled enough to focus on healing and fighting at the same time. They put themselves at risk when trying to attempt fighting and healing at the same time. They are left open to attack, as they must concentrate on one aspect more so than another. Cost - 300 Experience
  • -Level 2 – A Bount with this level of skill is capable can absorb souls and gain an array of abilities, but not without luck and putting in the effort. A few increases to bounto capabilities, first they can use kidou up to level 50 with 8 souls absorbed, same with arrancar for cero/bala. A bounto can decrease the time it takes to heal injuries by absorbing Humans/Quincy, decreasing it 4-5 posts after 8 humans/Quincy. 8 posts in the human world to heal, and 4-5 in Soul Society and HM. They still must focus on healing during a battle. Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Level 3 – A Bount with this level of skill is very similar to a master level, however, their abilities will vary. A Bount can use Kido up to level 75, after absorbing at least 6 Shinigami. A Bount can also use Cero and Bala after absorbing at least 6 Hollows/Arrancar. (Cero Level to be decided). A bounto can decrease the time it takes to heal injuries by absorbing Humans/Quincy, decreasing it 3-4 posts after 6 humans/Quincy. In the realm of the living where there is less Reishi to manipulate, it will take a Bount at least 6 posts to heal their wounds via Reishi absorption. In other places such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, healing injuries takes less time via Reishi absorption, a minimum of three to four posts. They're also capable of concentrating on healing and fighting during battle, however when fighting it takes 2 posts longer. Cost - 700 Experience

  • -Spiritual Glutton – A Bount with this level of skill is capable of absorbing the souls of the fallen from other races, thus gaining new abilities and increasing their own strength. A Bount can use Kido spells up to level 88, after absorbing at least 4 Shinigami. A Bount can also use Cero and Bala after absorbing at least 4 Hollows/Arrancar. (Cero Level to be decided). In the realm of the living where there is less Reishi to manipulate, it will take a Bount at least 5 posts to heal their wounds via Reishi absorption. In other places such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, healing injuries takes less time via Reishi absorption, a minimum of two to three posts. No additional post count when healing and fighting. (Must be level three to purchase) Cost - 300 Experience
  • -Bottomless pit – Due to there immense Reishi absorption abilities, they can the ability to midigate damage at an extremely fast pace, giving them an almost coat of reishi in which to absorb. Someone with a level 1 in reiatsu would not even dent this person, and a level two would require bankai to cut or harm them. [Cannot be ignored.] (Must be level 3 and have Spiritual Glutton to purchase) Cost - 700 Experience
  • -Overload – Once a fight, the bounto can take in a huge amount of reiatsu, basically healing wounds before they take place, giving them 2 posts of invincibility [Cannot be ignored or removed]. These two posts do not count towards healing or re/charge based attacks Cost - 300 Experience
  • -Discharge – Once a fight, the bounto can expend a large amount of reiatsu in a outward cone, this skill will midigate oncoming attacks and follows the GRC in template in terms of power (Consider it a Cone like Attack that follows GRC for your given level)[Reiatsu, Instant]. This skill removes all counts for healing and re/charging. [Must have purchased Overload and Spiritual Glutton and level 2] Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Soul Sucker - An amazing ability to take in Reishi faster than all others, reducing the post count for healing by 2 posts. Must be level three, have purchased Over Load, Bottomless Pit and Spiritual Glutton. Cost - 700 Experience



  • -Level 1 – At this level, one only has a particular set of skills designated towards one race (To be stated clearly). Having this level means you can absorb two less souls for Soul Absorption than normal. Not much else given. Cost - 250 Experience
  • -Level 2 – Skills from previous levels are at your disposal. Your skills at hunting a particular race have improved greatly, still not enough too categorize you as a true hunter, but enough. Reduce the count by 4, as well as increase the bonus you gain by one level (Meaning, if you absorb 8 shinigami and your level 1, your kidou is at a level two standard, not level one. For cero, increase it by one degree.) If your at the master level, increase kidou skills by 10 levels, and able to learn and utilize one custom cero. Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Level 3 – Skills from previous levels are at your disposal. A true hunter, extraordinary, decrease count by 6, One can learn all the kidou spells of a particular branch (Hado or Bakudo) or GRC if arrancar is chosen. Cost - 700 Experience

  • -Gerade – You've had your fill of a particular race, in your life time, meaning you've absorbed enough souls of a particular race previously that you gain those benefits, as if you have eaten (dependent on your Soul Absorption level) Must be level 2 Jager and level 2 Soul Absorption. Cost - 250 Experience
  • -überfüllt – You've eaten so many of one particular race, your signature matches that race so precisely, its impossible to tell you apart from it. As well as you now know a huge set of skills (Both Hado or Bakudo for Shinigami) or CO if arrancar is chosen. Must be level 3 Jager and purchased Gerade. Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Doppelmagen – You have two stomachs, and now can gain the abilities and powers of both races (shinigami and arrancar) however, due to your preference for one race over the other, you start at level 3 soul absorption for determining how many souls to absorb and what powers to get. Your secondary race will be at Jager Level 2 for soul requirements etc etc (Cannot be advanced, nor do augmentations to Jager apply to second race) Must have purchased Level 3 Soul Absorption, Level 3 Jager, Gerade and uberfullt) Cost - 700 Experience



  • -Level 1 – In every art, one has to start off somewhere. And for those on this level, they are at the bottom of the food chain in terms of skill. You’re capable of defending yourself barehanded, but you’re lacking in speed and power and technique.You can land an accurate hit and cause damage with your fists. In a rumble you could kill someone barehanded, given enough hits. At this level, your comparable to a 4-5th seat in terms of physical punching power. Cost - 250 Experience
  • -Level 2 – Those of this level may also employ speed, strength and agility in order to take down their opponents. By attacking certain points of the body, they are capable of stunning their opponent by landing a critical hit. Like their master counterpart, experts too can knock an opponent unconscious, with a strong enough strike to the back of the neck. Nahkampf Experts may also come in different forms, based on their way of fighting. Some will rely on brute strength and speed, while others are more acrobatic and agile compared to most. This is standard for most captains, good skills, able to handle themselves without there weapon. At least level you can block a level 1 unreleased zanpakuto with your hands. Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Level 3 – Nahkampf Masters are more or less the equivalent of a master swordsman, although the applications may be different. This means, Nahkampf masters will have little too no trouble doing combat, against those who specialize in a different art of fighting. Always looking to out manoeuvre their opponent, their arms and legs, can prove to be lethal weapons at times. Those of this level know exactly where to hit in order to cause the most pain and discomfort to their opponents. True masters, at this level you can block the shikai of a level one, and the unreleased of a level two in terms of zanpakuto with your hands and feet. Cost - 700 Experience

  • -Nahkampf Superstar - Must be at least a level two to purchase any hakuda techniques. (This costs nothing, but is a stated requirement)
  • -EisenhautLevel 1 – Characters with enhanced durability are the most resilient of them all. Bounto have demonstrated the capability of taking of a great deal of damage to their body. Even when struck by powerful techniques, they still rise to the occasion, showing that their will power, body and soul is strong enough to carry a heavy burden. Lower level attacks will not hinder them too much, and even mid to higher level attacks will find it challenging when attempting to completely immobilize them. Due to the training of their Nahkampf, they are able to extend the blocking power of there strikes, able to catch the sealed zanpakuto of a level three. (Must be level three.) [Cannot be ignored.] Cost - 250 Experience
  • -EisenhautLevel 2 – Same as above however this adds an additional nomenclature, able to catch the bankai of a level two zanpakuto. Must have purchased Eisenhaut Level 1. [Cannot be ignored.] Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Nahkampf Control– A powerful and truly unique augmentation to Bounto. Honing there bodies to extreme measures, in such cases, the bounto are studier and more powerful. Any recoil received from there doll is immediately halved, as well as attacks under kidou under [level 33] doing no recognizable damage [affliction and status effects apply, stun, bind, burn, freeze etc etc]. They also increase the time before there doll gets frustrated/annoyed by 4 posts. Must have purchased everything, Level 3, Eisenhaut 1/2, level 2 of doll. [Will be Linked Off] Cost - 700 Experience



  • -Level 1 – At its weakest, your doll is constantly frustrated by your lack of power. Its temper is known, rude, crude and hardly listens to you. If you can't land a hit on the opponent within 7 posts, your doll will turn on you, attacking you brutally and without mercy. At this stage, your doll can't leave your side, and must remain within 10 meters of your person. Several Deep wounds, life threatening Injuries and loss of limbs will cause your Doll to turn against you. Attacks that miss the opponent cause the doll to recoil in anger, causing damage to you (equal to strength of attack directed at opponent). You have no access to your doll's core form, and your doll's strength is roughly a 3rd seat. Grants one extra technique for your doll to use. Cost - 250 Experience
  • -Level 2 – Trust and mutual respect have been earned. No longer annoyed by your lack of power, but still not as happy as it could be. If you can't land a hit on a opponent within 15 posts, your doll will turn on you, attacking you brutally and without mercy. Attacks that miss the opponent cause the doll to recoil is frustration, causing damage to you (75% of the damage directed at the opponent). At this stage your doll is about in strength of a shikai, and is unable to leave your presence and must stay within 15 meters of you. Several Deep wounds, life threatening Injuries and loss of limbs will cause your Doll to turn against you. You are able to gain your doll's core form at this stage, your doll's strength is roughly a LT shikai, and its core form of a LT bankai (if purchased). Grants one extra technique to either hybrid or fusion (Depending on what you choose). Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Level 3 – You are connected, bounded and full of trust and understanding. You are the peak of power, and your doll loves that. Your no longer bound by not hitting your opponent, and your doll won't attack you in regards to not hitting them. Attacks that miss don't cause you any pain or damage to you. Your Doll is completely loyal to you, your relationship and connection is such, that your Doll would never want to leave your side. It would sacrifice itself to ensure your safety. Captain class strength for your doll, its regular form is equal to a captains shikai, and its core form is equal to a captains' bankai. Its Fusion/Hybrid form can match a LT's bankai. Grants two extra techniques, to either core or hybrid/fusion (Depending on what you picked). Cost - 700 Experience

  • -Constant Release - Your doll is always at the ready, in its token state. Along with all of your abilities and techniques active all the time, without the need to release it. Must be at least level two to purchase this. Cost - 300 Experience
  • -Zweifach – Due to true bond you have with your doll, one can gain the secondary type, either hybrid of fusion, which ever they did not initially pick. Gaining its abilities, powers and techniques to use, as well as that secondary state. [Must be level three to purchase] Cost - 500 Experience
  • -Phantastisch – You and your doll are truly one, your able to tell each others thoughts from simplest to most complex. Its almost as if there is not one but two of you. Moving past core form, you and your doll gain an immense advantage. In strength, its comparable to Segunda Epata. By using your powers, you are granted access to your dolls core form, its power being wielded in your hand. You doll takes on a particular form as well (new core form). You have transcended the limits of legendary bounto, and thought, instead of two souls in one body, you have forged ahead to be one soul in two bodies. (Follows Segunda Epata template and counters] Must be level three, purchased Zweifach, Level 3 in Soul Absorption as well. Cost - 1000 Experience

Credits go to Ewen, must ask permission to use

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Updated V1

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The Bounto Race Information
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